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  • Ramana: Ever-blissful, Self-existent, the Infinite now.

    Ramana: Ever-blissful, Self-existent, the Infinite now.

    “De-hypnotize yourself! It is ego which deludes itself that there are two selves, one which we are conscious of now [the person] and the other, the higher, the Divine, of which we shall one day become conscious.”

  • High power, like high voltage, must be handled with respect.

    High power, like high voltage, must be handled with respect.

    David R. Hawkins reflects on the essence of genius, suggesting that it is born out of humility and a connection to a higher influence. Rejecting the notion of luck, he argues that genius is a universal potential within human consciousness, likened to an inherent aspect of our essence that awaits the right conditions to reveal…

  • Anna: “Ego” idea/concept

    Anna: “Ego” idea/concept

    Anna: “Ego” idea/concept Thank you Deanna for this excerpt! This is from another you/me-Anna Brown: “Today, I would like to take a moment to write about the idea and concept called “ego” and how this idea can bind you into the belief and mirage that something else is controlling you other than your own assumptions.…