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To me this website is more like a huge virtual box (or empty workshop), into which we can throw all the mental treasures/pointers we find. Taxonomies (categories and tags) can help to bundle things, to “make some sense”. The whole thing is a work in progress, a labor of love, an inner unfoldment, unveiling, unlearning:

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Holger: I heard “thinkyness” from Ralph ❤️ during a Zoom call.

Thinking itself is not a problem; it only gets confused and restless when we are misidentified, when we mix up “me” and “I am”.

The sense of personal doership and attachment to outcome is the root of all suffering. Once we see/feel/allow the me-chanism we call “normal”, unhappiness loses its audience.

5 min 20 min ACIM Ai – artificial intelligence attention awakening awareness Being belief Bible by Ralph conditioning consciousness creativity direct experience effortless ego Ephesians Experience fun God Happiness I AM identity inspiration Life Love Mind Mind-body dualism Mr. Jesus Oneness Peace Person presence reality scripture Self suffering Time and space truth understanding universe video world yourself

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  1. Yes Holger Words don’t mean PEOPLE mean 😢 Once humans Re-Call & again Re-Cognize this Communication will be easier and…

  2. The crucifixion represents both horizontality and verticality. In horizontality, there is transformation and death. In verticality, there is life eternal…

  3. As we drop our psychological past and future, as we step out of time, the timeless reveals itself inviting us…

  4. The correct contemplation of truth pacifies the body mind as truth reveals itself to itself.

  5. Infinite gratitude for this post- I needed to read this today 🙏🙏🙏

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