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I am Holger Hubbs,
passionate about debunking suffering
and embracing the gift of Life.

Life as art: This website is more like a scratch pad, things will change and break shamelessly. If anything here resonates I highly suggest that you subscribe for free email updates. In case you are afraid of emails, I offer Tech Therapy.

Intro: Baby-steps for grownups

When is enough enough?

I am not on a mission to save the world, or to change persons, but I know from my own experience that positive change happens automagically through understanding and good company.

Words are secondary

… but they have their place.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud:

  • What do I really want?
  • What do I know first-hand, beyond doubt?

Collective sickness…

Not to blame “others”, but to understand my own suffering and to experience its dissolving in the light of understanding, in the presence of friends!

All the mess in the world, the fear, the violence, the greed, the lovelessness, has its root in a subtle misunderstanding about my true nature.

We can start to see the me-chanism, why most people only know being busy; busy being busy… and unknowingly perpetuate their sense of lack and unhappiness.

Mind, your own business

Words can easily become empty and exhausting. We don’t need necessarily more words, but can welcome a fun-da-mental insight and deepening into the nature of Reality.

For myself (Holger, a householder in California) human interchange became a major factor/shift in trusting Life and relaxing fears, doubts, eagerness; to see, appreciate, love, enjoy what my old mind dismissed as empty and insignificant.

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex”

It is easy to close down, simply out of habit, because something rubs “me” the wrong way. We maybe hear a word like God, Love, Beauty, Intelligence, Awareness, Consciousness, Awakening, Liberation… and something in us swiftly shuts down in ways we might not even notice.


Words are cheap.

I don’t want anything personal from you; not money, fame, hope, or future-happiness.

I want to invite you to meet as friends; to risk being human, to see, understand and outgrow the faulty thinking and muscle-memory we learned to call “me” and “normal”.

Together it is more fun, more real, nurturing, inspiring, heartwarming, relevant, alive.

Art & Education

Playful, intelligent, with lots of humor and wisdom.

Not to write a Ph.D. about life, but to live it; increasingly free of suffering, with a most intimate impersonal love for life, beauty, intelligence, generosity.

To develop and incubate simple, innovative and practical ways and means to share this most precious gift with everyone who has an intuition that life is more than paying bills and being entertained.

Not an elite spirituality, but everyone’s birthright, here and now.

“I don’t know” – Life a gift and mystery

Let’s meet unpretentiously on Zoom, via email, here on this website, or in person; in a playfully brave way to embrace with our heart what mind cannot understand. To invite positive change, in ways we cannot imagine alone.

Why not!

It takes some humility to see that what I always longed for, for decades, can never not be, is always here and now. I simply overlooked it in favor of excitement.

Save your but!

Risk to ask freedom questions, instead to be stuck with knowledge questions that only perpetuate a never-ending hunger for more.

No club, no membership, no hope, no belief, but the bravery to wake up from a lifelong hypnotism.

What is more important than feeling comfortable in my own skin, to know that happiness, safety and fulfillment is not dictated by circumstance.

The transmission of ignorance

Ego is maybe more like a cocoon in which we grow until we have developed enough spiritual muscle to embrace the gift of Life.

Only a passive consumer?

Enjoy your Netflix, your entertainment, your food, your things, your aloneness… but do it wholeheartedly: GardenOfFriends.com

Spirituality not as an elite teaching, but to bravely dis-cover the gift of life.
Practical peace in daily living, shamelessly rooted in presence.

So many words, pointing to no❤️thing.
Please don’t just be a passive consumer, but contribute in yOur own way:

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