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You don’t need any story line
about yourself or about
others or about the world
there is a current of love
and being and presence
and you are this current
and what appears to you
is enlightened by this current of love.

Your experience is in the now
which is not a point in time.
A now that has no before and no after.

The Eternal now which is the eternity of Love,
eternity of Being, the eternity of Awareness.

And your mind is expanded and dissolved
in this current of love in perfect harmony.

A thought may appear to you
it is like a leaf that has fallen off the tree
onto the surface of the stream.

It appears and then it disappears in the stream.
There is a stillness aspect to this current of love.

ChatGPT: The video is a guided meditation session followed by a discussion among participants. The speaker emphasizes being present and welcoming experiences without effort. They discuss intuition, honesty, and self-awareness, emphasizing the importance of inner exploration and true happiness. The conversation delves into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the mind’s narratives. Participants share their experiences and insights, with one expressing confusion about the concept of God and self-awareness. The speaker encourages letting go of the battle and watching it unfold. The session ends with participants expressing gratitude and connecting with each other.

  • 00:02 – Introduction to guided meditation
  • 13:07 – Discussion on intuition, honesty, and inner exploration
  • 26:28 – Importance of honesty with oneself
  • 32:34 – Sincerity with oneself and understanding true happiness
  • 39:07 – Overcoming fear and finding certainty about the self
  • 46:31 – Discussion on being present and recognizing oneself as part of a universal being
  • 54:29 – Exploring the concept of God’s presence within oneself
  • 01:00:43 – Understanding awareness as divine and overcoming fear
  • 01:05:59 – Discussion on the nature of reality and suspending mind narratives
  • 01:12:10 – Participant expressing confusion about self-awareness and God
  • 01:17:11 – Participant sharing experiences with self-awareness and battling thoughts
  • 01:21:48 – Discussion on letting go of effort and watching the battle unfold
  • 01:26:30 – Conclusion with participants expressing gratitude for the session

Words about words…

Living the current of Love

The inspiration for CurrentOfLove.com came from Magdi’s Satsang 02-11-2024.


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