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Profit, people, and planet?

Playfully drawing some mental images.

“Getting the right people and the right chemistry is more important than getting the right idea.”

Ed Catmull (Pixar and Walt Disney)
What is a “Public Benefit Cooperation”?


In California, a public benefit corporation is known as a “California Benefit Corporation.” It is a specific corporate form designed for social enterprises to pursue both for-profit and public benefit purposes.

This type of corporation is required to create a general public benefit and can also include specific public benefits in its articles of incorporation. Some examples of California Benefit Corporations include Patagonia, Inc. and Allbirds, Inc.

The California Benefit Corporation is distinct from traditional corporations in that it allows corporate officers and directors to take into account the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet when making business decisions.

It also has built-in mechanisms to enforce transparency and accountability, such as the requirement to produce an “Annual Benefit Report” outlining its performance in accomplishing its public benefit purpose.

Additionally, it provides greater protection to its officers and directors to pursue objectives that benefit society, the environment, and the corporation’s employees.

Shareholders can bring a benefit enforcement proceeding against the officers and/or directors if they believe the corporation is not pursuing its public benefit purpose. However, damages are limited to injunctive relief, and money damages are not available.

The name of a California Benefit Corporation must include the term “Benefit Corporation” or an abbreviation of those words.

What started it?

A while back Allen brought it up, along the lines of…

  • Have a channel to invite financial support for GardenOfFriends.com.
  • To create a humble but generous space, to look at life with fresh eyes.
  • To work and live together in Presence.
Selling love is prostitution; betraying love is slavery?

Big words, while sitting quietly at the computer after a long day; I don’t feel like much thinking, but like to get this off my mind.

Do we need to “get” money, or does money “come” when we know/do what we love?

Why it came up today?

Judy asked if she could help (as a professional fundraiser), and so I tried to make some sense in a longish text draft:

Thank you Judy!

I want to see suffering being debunked, because it feels like a childish misunderstanding with horrible consequences for all of humanity, the planet, everything.

I don’t have a final product or service, but am gifted with amazing sensitive and brave friends (you included), who are able to trust, relax and be beyond the “normal” dysfunctional thinking mind.


Life is a most amazing mystery; worthy a little inner struggle to wake up.
(Not over decades in Himalayan caves, but through heartfelt direct human interchange, here and now.)

The mess in the world is super ridiculous and avoidable!
But we need to start where we are, with our self.


I sense a great opening for a (generous) labor of love in the field of Art & Education:

To develop and share new unique and loving ways to nurture and inspire a large scale detox in our collective and individual narratives.

Alone, I don’t feel like starting a non-profit or Public Benefit Cooperation, since I find bureaucracy not very sexy.


We live an amazing time with the madness of information overload and the blessings of Zoom (as an example).

I don’t want to be limited to non-duality, but there are uncounted wonderful nondual presenters with very helpful pointers.


Coming together in the Garden Of Friends, is priceless for me!
Not as a potential income stream (selling love is prostitution), but as an incubator for practical, enjoyable and sustainable shifts in (local and global) attitude and policies.


Life is most precious.
Alone it is almost impossible to debunk the voices in our heads; but together the Presence, the Understanding is amplified beyond doubt (and it is more fun and alive).


Why should it be so hard to detect faulty thinking and release muscle-memory?

Some attempts to explore subject-matters and feel out voices & styles ❤️
















Blah, blah?


Please don’t get distracted by empty words.

The words are more or less pacifiers for the afraid thinking-mind to trust and relax; the real teaching, healing and blessing is in the humbling and fulfilling simplicity of simply being, while present in the world as a functional entity?

I don’t want to save the world, I have no mission, but let’s be a little creative; there is a great power in in-team-a-see, not as an ex-pert, but as a friend.

We are the current wave of humanity, if we don’t contribute in loving ways we might have wasted our life.


Being in the world with a playful, loving attitude;
to leave the place a little better than I found it.

Words about words…

Profit, people, and planet?

Profit, people, and planet? Playfully drawing some mental images. “Getting the right people and the right chemistry is more important than getting the right idea.” Ed Catmull (Pixar and Walt Disney) Being in the world with a playful, loving attitude;to leave the place a little better than I found it.


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  1. May this path be paved with love and prosperity. 🥰🪴

    No shadows where light shines🕯️

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