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Save the veils (draft 1)?

Thank you Paul for your reply.
In general, are you mostly busy, or would you have time for a Zoom?

I am not on a mission to save the world, but there is openness to positively contribute, for example to a shift in our collective narratives.

Non-duality helped me a lot to debunk suffering in practical daily living; the idea to share and collaborate feels free and natural.

Quite fascinating to see that all human suffering, greed, violence and exploitation have their root in a subtle misunderstanding in myself, simply based on faulty thinking and muscle-memory; factors that can realign themselves through understanding, love and good company.

I am not in control what happens tomorrow, but right now (and since quite a while) I experience the gift of playfully connecting with “other” human beings. Not from a place of lack, fear or expectation, but to simply be; to share, to celebrate, to be practical…

What is the core of our current dysfunctional narratives:

  • I am this body-mind, on my own, in a crazy world.
  • My happiness is in circumstances (relationships, pleasures, acquisitions).
  • Suffering/pain is a threat towards “me”.
  • “Other” is more like a stepping-stone for my assumed needs and future happiness/security.
  • I have to survive and protect “me, myself and I” in the world of ideas.
  • Time is money:
    • resources are limited
    • bigger is better; growth is our mantra.
    • thinking “money” and “making-sense” is all I know and need;
    • Love, nature and morals are adorable sentiments.
  • I have to get somewhere, be someone (make myself, family and tribe proud)
  • What can I get from you?
    • How can I make a deal?
    • Penetrate the market?
  • Like and subscribe!

Sorry Paul, I have no wish to pull you into an endless dead rabbit hole;
I am just interested in simple words/pointers that many may understand.

What would be a modern sustainable narrative (if at all)?
As an invitation to explore and debunk suffering and scarcity!

I mean “narrative” just as a first layer to connect/relate with “other” humans.
Humans who have an intuition that life is more than paying bills and being entertained.

Any feedback is welcome!
Just send me an email or let me know when you can Zoom.
Keeping it fun: relaxed, but not lazy.

I don’t claim or promise anything (besides that I feel good about this email here and now).


Words about words…

Save the veils (draft 1)?

A letter to a new Zoom friend, but also to you. It is so precious to meet with truth lovers; to learn how to use words in service of celebration, sharing and practicalities…

One response to “Save the veils (draft 1)?”

  1. Magdi Badawy Avatar
    Magdi Badawy

    No need for veils. The community of friends who are interested in waking up, who are interested in the exploration of harmonious living, who are interested in sharing and exploring together is a small community, precious and is always in danger of being hijacked by the patterned conditioned mind.
    It is important to remain internally alert to the reactive tendencies adopted in the past, as they may pull us back into the unhappy sense of separation.
    Much love.

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