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  • AFE = Action-Figure Energy

    AFE = Action-Figure Energy

    It was great fun when the acronym AFE came up in a zoom with Nina.

  • Belief vs Experience…

    Belief vs Experience…

    Not to open a can of worms, but/however: What is missing? What is more important? Please comment, like, subscribe (-;

  • The most difficult…

    The most difficult…

    … thing in the world to do—is just to Be.

  • I am or I am?

    I am or I am?

    Please don’t just rush over those simple words, but read them again, maybe several times. What we are seeking, what we are longing for is always present, we just tend to overlook the significance of our ordinary Awareness; we are mesmerized but the content of experiences, and overlook the one aware of those appearances.

  • Save the veils (draft 1)?

    Save the veils (draft 1)?

    A letter to a new Zoom friend, but also to you. It is so precious to meet with truth lovers; to learn how to use words in service of celebration, sharing and practicalities…