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Belief vs Experience…

What is this shift that ends suffering?
“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.”

This website is not about regurgitating dead words;
I just would love to unlearn old complicated ways and invite fresh, alive ways to debunk unhappiness.

The following table is just a playful draft, an invitation to explore and dis-cover.
Instead of being just a passive consumer, please make it alive by gifting us your comments:

Materialistic (belief/mind-stuff)Non-dual (direct/aware)
I am this body-mind.Body-mind is an object in my experience.
I am an autonomous entity surviving in a world of 8,000,000,000 “others”.I live as though I am this action-figure, free of lack.
I am in charge of what I think, feel and do.”Thoughts happen, deeds are done,
but there is no personal doer thereof.”
Thoughts and feelings are “me”.I am aware of thoughts and feelings coming and going, but I – Awareness – never come nor go.
My happiness is in circumstances/objects.I am this quiet joy.
Being, effortlessly.
Knowing myself as I am (non-objective) is fulfillment.
Pain and suffering can diminish what I am.Pleasure and pain are circumstantial (not in my control), suffering is attitudinal.
“Only what can be measured is real.”Beyond doubt, I am; but I don’t know (phenomenally) what I am.
“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”Mind is a tool, not a place to live in.
“A tight muscle is a slow muscle.”
“Bigger is better”“Less is more.”
Money rules the world.What do I really want?
When is enough enough?
Let’s do it!“Be the change you want to see.”
Future happiness.Quiet joy, always present, here and now.
The person becomes enlightened.The psychological-me dissolves.
I am That, living as this; not-two.
Prescriptions (for a personal-doer)Descriptions (to relax/understand/abandon the nervous system.
To tune into the harmony of what IS.)
What can I get from you!How may I serve you?
Belief in “me” = a sense of lackPresence of “I” = fullness
All I know about myself is what mind tells “me”. I am a thing in time and space.Time and space are concepts of mind. I am the one aware of everything coming and going; I am not limited by names and forms.
I am right, you are wrong.Being myself is unburdened by opinions. In the world of ideas every concept has an opposite.
I want to be careful to not interfere
with God’s plan.
“Love and do what you will.”
We create and subdue nature.We only discover what already is.
I am this person.What is perceiving cannot be perceived.
Idle moments in a conversation feel awkward.The natural mind is an empty mind.
Mind is a story-making machine.Awareness is freedom itself.
“Now” is sandwiched between past and future.“Now” is not in time.
It is pristine, open and unbound.
I made up my mind,
I know who I am, what I need and want.
I am being lived and loved by Life.
Suffering is unavoidable, have fun while you can.Suffering is man-made and can be debunked with a little bravery and understanding.
“I don’t know” is embarrassing, unacceptable. “I don’t know” is the Source: Life, love, inspiration, flow.
Life is a problem that needs to be fixed.Life is a mystery to be lived.
Enlightenment is only for a few special people; it takes a lot of time.Happiness is our birthright, but we tend to overlook it due to faulty thinking and muscle-memory.
Life is personalUniversal love, individualized
I make life happenLife is a happening

Sorry, in case this table gets a little messy, I am just learning by doing.

Not to open a can of worms, but/however:

What is missing?
What is more important?

Please comment, like, subscribe (-;

Words about words…

Belief vs Experience…

Not to open a can of worms, but/however: What is missing? What is more important? Please comment, like, subscribe (-;

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  1. Deanna Westendorf Avatar
    Deanna Westendorf

    Perhaps something about: “I can’t be enlightened, I don’t live in a cave”? 😁 And/Or I can’t be Awakened, I just became: jealous, angry, sad etc.

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